Are you ready to turn your idea into a product?

Product Discovery

Partner with us to review your idea and convert it into an action plan. We formulate custom software development strategies tailored to your lean startup goals to ensure that the products we conceptualize align with your vision and long-term business objectives while taking the needs of your end-user into account.

UX & UI Design

The visual representation of your software and end-user experience determines whether your target audience will stick around long enough to use your software products. Through our UI/UX design and development services, we make your products functional and visually appealing, allowing you to deliver phenomenal end-user experiences that encourage engagement.

Software Development

Let us build quality MVPs for your startup and deliver them to you at fast turnaround times to minimize your product’s time to market. Our experienced developers ensure that your minimum viable product has the perfect balance between functionality and minimalism to satisfy the needs of your end-users.

Maintain & Scale

Once you’ve got happy users enjoying your MVP, it’s time to expand on what you have got built to attract more users while reflecting the quality of the products and services you have to offer. We can help scale, monitor, maintain and optimize the functionality of your products while aligning with the dynamic nature of technology to deliver value to your business.

About Us

Our Mission Is Simple, To Turn Your Idea Into A Product

Nomadcy is a custom software development agency that partners with startups and small businesses to build Minimum Viable Products that streamline their lean startup process.

Our cross-functional team has professionals with multi-domain expertise and experience in building software for high-growth startups across the globe. We specialize in building your custom software by integrating the most important features into your products while using the least number of resources possible, saving you time and money.

Why Choose Us?

The Nomadcy Advantage

We pride ourselves on delivering quality software development services, combining our technical skills, creativity, and the latest technology to bring your vision to reality.

Work With Top Talent: We have a cross-functional team of experienced software designers, developers, and are more than ready to partner with you in leading your MVP from the drawing board to completion.

Ease Of Scale: We build your MVP with the future in mind to ensure that it can be scaled up so you don’t have to develop new software products as you grow.

Time Conscious: We deliver your MVP at fast turnaround times so you can get your product in the market as scheduled without worrying about delays.

Works Just Right: We ensure that your MVP offers just enough functionality to satisfy your customers while using the least technical resources possible, effectively cutting down on costs.

Our 360° Approach To Developing Custom Software For Startups

At Nomadcy, our team immerses itself in your business and works in close collaboration with you to ensure that our MVP development services align with your lean startup goals

Capturing The Vision

We schedule a virtual appointment with you and take our time to understand your needs, special requirements, and MVP development goals. If needed, we’ll be happy to participate in the definition of you business idea.

Figuring Out What Works, Together

We will work closely with you to choose the right features for your MVP and utilize the best frameworks to give you a clear vision of what your finished product would look like and make changes before development.

The Development Phase

We integrate code, visuals, and functional elements into your product, utilizing industry-leading technology and architecture to ensure that you get the most out of your MVP.

Seeing If It Works Right

We conduct in-house quality tests to ensure that your MVP works as expected before making it available to your target users in the market or investors.  

Getting It Into The Market

We will release your MVP as scheduled without delays, and as you gather feedback from your users, we work with you continuously optimize it for better performance.

How can we further help

Whether it’s about new features, scalability, or any other extension in score — we are here to lend a hand. And for folks who are yet to endeavor further changes, we commonly provide a product maintenance as a service.


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Work We’re Proud Of

Explore our portfolio to discover how we have worked with small businesses and startups just like yours in building software prototypes through our custom software development services.

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